A Second Grade Field Trip to the Zoo with AudioBoo

This week on Tuesday my daughter’s second grade class took their fall field trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I brought my iPhone and iRig microphone, and the girls in our group used the camera along with the free app AudioBoo to record some reflections during our visit. We recorded nine AudioBoos (all less than 60 seconds each) and three videos. Here are the “digital artifacts” we created documenting our field trip. This kind of mobile storytelling and archiving is exactly the sort of mobile media use by students I want to encourage through my eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing,” as well as website SHARE: Playing with Media. These are all examples of “no-edit audio recording” and media creation following “the ethic of minimal clicks!”

If you listen to ANY of these, check out the first one about the flamingos. Rachel had some misperceptions about them “easily having some of their legs cut off” which we were able to discuss because of this AudioBoo recording! If she hadn’t recorded and shared her perceptions, I don’t think the adults in our group would have realized her misunderstanding. Great example of the value of having students explain their perceptions and ideas with an audio recorder! Check out the Audio Page of playingwithmedia.com for more links to free, no-edit audio tools.

Flamingos at the Zoo (AudioBoo)

Flamingos at the Zoo


Flamingos at the zoo (mp3)

Turtles and Koi (AudioBoo)

Turtles and Koi


Turtles and Koi at the zoo (mp3)

Head-butting Goats (AudioBoo)

Head butting goats


Head-butting Goats at the zoo (mp3)

Cool facts about California Sea Lions (AudioBoo)

The Sea Lion bellows!


Cool facts about California sea lions (mp3)

Clown Fish in the Anemone (AudioBoo)

Clown Fish in the Anemone


Nemo the clown fish in the anemone (mp3)

The Giant Anteater (AudioBoo)

Giant Anteater


The Giant Anteater! (mp3)

Galapagos Turtles (AudioBoo)

Galapagos Turtles


Galapagos Tortoises at the zoo (mp3)

Baby Elephant (AudioBoo)

Baby Elephant at the Oklahoma City Zoo


Watching a 1 year old baby elephant (mp3)

3 Month Old Baby Tigers Playing (AudioBoo)

Baby Tigers playing


3 month old baby tigers playing (mp3)

We also recorded three movies during our field trip.



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