Stop RoboCalls with iOS Do Not Disturb (Nov 2018)

This 2.5 minute video tutorial demonstrates how you can change the “Do Not Disturb” settings on an iPhone to block all robocalls / robocallers and send them directly to voicemail. Unfortunately this strategy will send ALL callers who are not in your iOS address book to voicemail, but until something better comes along this can be a helpful strategy for curbing robocalls.

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Read “How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list” from the Washington Post on 11 Jan 2018 for more background on how and why robocalls have become such a big problem in 2018.

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  1. JamesToist

    Scammers, on the other hand, do not follow the rules — they’re usually ne’er-do-wells trying to steal your money. If you get a call or text message that’s obviously a scam — as many robocalls are — do not engage. Don’t dial any numbers in their automated menu, don’t reply to any text messages with “STOP,” don’t even talk. That’ll only convince the callers that the number is in service, and they’ll keep calling you back.

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