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I received a request from Lorelei Loveridge, who I met last week in Doha, Qatar, asking for a list all the apps I use on my iPhone and iPad. Fortunately this isn’t an extremely time consuming list to share since I’ve been using Appolicious for about a year. ALMOST all the apps I use along with my family (the five of us all share a single iTunes library) are listed on – There are currently 568 apps there. Tonight I updated the list with the automated Appolicious “library builder,” however, and it didn’t “detect” all my new apps. So perhaps a few are missing. I haven’t made a new “curated list” of apps in awhile, and I’ve never made one for just audio apps, so tonight I also created the “Audio Recording and Sharing (Oct 2011)” Appolicious list. In the eight workshops I shared in Qatar over the weekend, I focused a bit on audio applications which support my eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing.” Here are the ten audio apps I included in my list tonight. Note the last 3 are technically for creating narrated slideshows, but since they have audio recording features I included them here.

Best iPhone Apps: Audio Recording and Sharing (Oct 2011) by wfryer | Appolicious

All the apps in this list are free with the exception of iRig Recorder ($5), SonicPics ($3) and StoryRobe ($1). Note free versions of iRig Recorder and SonicPics (iRig Recorder free and SonicPics Lite) are available in more limited but free versions. The audio app list I created tonight on Appolicious is “clickable” so you can use that version to check out the different app features. Since I’m not sure Appolicious has all my recent app additions included in my library, I also took some screenshots tonight of the current app folders I’m using on my iPhone for Audio Recording and Sharing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Uploading Apps for Photos and Text, and Photo Capture or iPhoneography.

Audio Recording and Sharing Apps (Oct 2011)

Photo Editing Apps  (Oct 2011)

Video Editing Apps  (Oct 2011)

Uploading Apps for Photos and Text  (Oct 2011)

Photo Capture / iPhoneography Apps  (Oct 2011)

Are there any iOS apps in these categories which you’re using and absolutely LOVE? I’d love to know about them, and I bet Lorelei would as well. Please share them in the comments, along with direct links to their websites or iTunes pages if you can / feel so inclined. 🙂 Full disclosure: Humbledaisy, the creator of SonicPics, is a current advertiser on my blog.

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