Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers regarding the “Playing with Media Video Library” website by Dr. Wesley Fryer.

Are all the videos member only?

No. Both member-only videos and free videos are available in the library. Most of the videos are member-only, however.

How can I find free videos?

Free videos included in the library are in the category “FREE,” which is linked from the top navigation bar of the website and on some other pages. Videos designated as “free” are subject to change.

If these videos are shared on YouTube, why would I want to subscribe?

Many of these YouTube videos are UNLISTED, which means they are not publicly available from the YouTube.com website. These videos are only available / embedded / linked on this website, or in some cases from Wes’ primary blog.

The “Playing with Media Video Library” website provides multiple ways to find and watch Wes’ tutorial videos, which are not available elsewhere.

If you want to learn a variety of ways to become a more effective communicator with media, and enjoy learning from Dr. Wesley Fryer, those are great reasons to subscribe!

How many videos are available?

The “Playing with Media Video Library” contains dozens of videos and more are added regularly.

How often are new videos added?

Videos are NOT added on a regular schedule, but Wes usually adds a few new videos per month. Subscribers have access to ALL videos in the library as long as their subscription remains active.

How can I contact Wes Fryer for help with the site or more questions?

An electronic contact form and phone number to contact Wes are available on wesfryer.com/contact.