The following websites and smartphone applications can be used to record, upload, and/or phonecast shared online audio. This means (for many sites) as soon as audio files are recorded, they can be immediately shared for others to listen and enjoy.

Apps for SmartPhones:

  1. AudioBoo (free)
  2. Mobile Podcaster ($2)
  3. Soundcloud (free)
  4. Hokusai Audio Editor (free – iOS only)
  5. iPadio (free)
  6. Tumblr (free)
  7. Dropvox ($2 – iOS only, record directly to Dropbox)
  8. Book Creator for iPad ($5 – record audio directly into an ePUB)
  9. iRig Recorder ($5 – supports mobile audio editing)

See my list on Appolicious: Audio Apps (Oct 2012)

Browser-based Tools:

  1. AudioBoo
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Vocaroo
  4. Audiopal
  5. UHaveAudio
  6. AudioPal


  1. Google Voice
  2. iPadio
  3. Narrable
  4. Yodio

Browser-based Musical Tools

  1. Soundboards (create & share remixes with movie sound clips)

Musical Apps for SmartPhones

  1. Singing Fingers: Finger Paint with Your Voice (iOS only)

Free software tools are also available for recording, editing, compressing and exporting audio.

  1. Audacity
  2. Switch (compressing and converting formats)
  3. GarageBand (Mac-only)

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