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Mar 13

Free Browser-based Screencasting with Screencast-O-Matic

Infrequently I’m required to use a Windows computer to create something, and today I needed to combine 2 PDFs for our school newsletter and post them to our website. Our district is using DotNetNuke as our CMS (content management system) and for some reason our site pages need to be edited in Internet Explorer for …

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Feb 12

Join via Videoconference: Mapping Media Part 2 (Spring 2014)

The past few years I’ve enjoyed opportunities to work intensively with Montana teachers through summer professional development institutes offered at the University of Montana as well as courses I’ve taught over videoconferences bridged by VisionNet. Western Montana CSPD and Nancy Marks have been the primary catalysts for these learning opportunities. Both of my past courses …

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Feb 07

Visualize: Sticky Learning (Visual Notetaking)

These are my slides for the opening keynote at tomorrow’s Oklahoma A+ Schools statewide conference in Norman. I’ve titled it, “Visualize: Sticky Learning” and will focus on visual notetaking. The presentation will just be 20 minutes long, so it’s a bit more like a TED talk than a “standard” conference keynote. I’m going to try …

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Jan 08

Helping Students Use Creative Commons Images in Presentations

I received an email question this week from another teacher in our district about how she can best help students use Creative Commons licensed images for their class presentations. This was my answer. My new favorite way to have students create presentations with Creative Commons images is to use the free app or website Haiku …

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Dec 26

Combine Audioboo Sound Recordings with Audacity

Audioboo is one of my favorite (and FREE) iPhone/iPad apps for audio recording and sharing. Since Audioboo provides HOSTING for audio files you record, it’s not necessary to find another website to share your audio recordings with others. Audioboo does this for you. In this post, I’ll explain how you can use a trick to …

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Oct 16

How to Share Videos from a School iPad Cart

I visited with a K-3 librarian today who recently received a cart of iPads at her school for teachers to check out and use with students. She was unsure how to share videos the students create and save to their iPad camera rolls, however, with apps like iMovie, Puppet Pals, and Sock Puppets. In this …

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Aug 15

Create iPad eBooks with Recorded Audio and Text Highlights FREE

Today in the “apps playground” at the 2013 iPad Academy hosted by Chicago Public Schools, the awesome elementary teacher Autumn Laidler (@MsLaidler) taught me how to use the free iPad app “Little Story Maker” to create ebooks which include BOTH your recorded voice and “text highlights.” Like many books on the website, an eBook …

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Aug 11

Use IFTTT to Auto-Tweet New Posts from Your Classroom Blog

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a fantastic, free website for filtering and managing information flows. After registering for a free IFTTT account, you can copy this “recipe” I created for my wife’s class blog today which auto-magically tweets out new posts. The trickiest part is probably identifying the “web feed” for your classroom blog, …

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Jul 09

Email Multiple Photos from an iPad to A Blogger Site

Today in iPad Media Camp in Manhattan, Kansas, participants learned how to email multiple photos from an iPad to a Blogger website, using a “secret email address” defined in the Blogger settings. This technique works well when creating 5 Photo Story projects with students or with teachers in professional development settings. In this post, I’ll …

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Jun 25

Visual Notetaking at ISTE 2013

I have learned a great deal about visual notetaking the past year as I’ve been working on my second eBook project, “Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol I.” Canadian educator Giulia Forsythe has been and continues to be inspirational to me as a VERY amateur and “emerging” visual notetaker. Rachel Smith’s 18 minute TEDx …

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