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Why Playing with Media and Mapping Media Matters

Today I recorded a series of six videos, exploring different questions relating to technology integration and multimedia communication for students and teachers. These include:

  1. Why are playing with media and mapping media important?
  2. What is mapping media to the curriculum or Common Core?
  3. Why are words important and how can students practice digital citizenship?
  4. Why are digital portfolios important and how can students build them?
  5. What excites you about learning today?
  6. How can educators use the Mapping Media framework?

You can access these videos separately via a YouTube playlist, or watch them together in a combined, 6.5 minute video:

I decided to use this video as my opening “trailer” on my YouTube channel. I recorded these as promotional videos for an upcoming conference in October. I’ve been wanting to record a “whiteboard animation” video (RSA style, like Tony Vincent did recently for the 2013 Mobile Learning Conference) using VideoScribe HD for iPad, but I haven’t made time for that yet. I will soon, however! Additional apps and software programs for creating whiteboard animation videos are included on the “visual notetaking” page of Mapping Media.

I was inspired in my format for these videos by recent interviews with industrial designer Robert Brunner, posted by Katie Fehrenbacher in her article for GigaOm, “Designer Robert Brunner on the difficulties of making hardware and the future of Apple.”

Are there other questions you think I should address via this approximately 60 second video format, relating to playing with media, mapping media to the curriculum, or technology integration in general?

I recorded these video clips on my iPhone5 with the built-in microphone, and edited the video in iMovie ’11 on a MacBook Air laptop.

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