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Visualize: Sticky Learning (Visual Notetaking)

These are my slides for the opening keynote at tomorrow’s Oklahoma A+ Schools statewide conference in Norman. I’ve titled it, “Visualize: Sticky Learning” and will focus on visual notetaking. The presentation will just be 20 minutes long, so it’s a bit more like a TED talk than a “standard” conference keynote. I’m going to try and follow the TED Commandments!

I made a few revisions to the slides from earlier in the week, and changed the video I’m using to this one about the Olympics from ASAP Science which was just published yesterday but already has over half a million views: “How Olympians Have Changed (1924-2014).”

I’m using this video during the presentation for an activity in which audience members will actually practice visual notetaking. The video also shows how visual notes can become a whiteboard animation. More examples of both are available on the visual notetaking page of “Mapping Media to the Common Core.” I also added some examples of my own students’ visual notes, which they created in December during a lesson I titled, “Visual Notes and Dreaming BIG.”

Visual notetaking embodies Robert Marzano’s recommended instructional strategy of “non-linguistic representation.” It is also a practical, “do-able” way for teachers to encourage creative expression alongside deeper cognitive processing of lesson ideas. Visual Notetaking in the classroom can be wonderful, whether it’s done “old school” with paper and crayons or digitally using FREE iPad apps like Brushes 3, Paper by FiftyThree, Adobe Ideas or Inkflow.

In addition to challenging conference participants to practice visual notetaking themselves during the remainder of the conference, I’m also challenging them to watch Rachel Smith‘s fantastic TEDx talk, “Drawing in Class.” This is a must-see for every classroom teacher and professor. If I haven’t convinced you to start encouraging your students to use visual notetaking inside and outside of class, Rachel will!

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  1. I would love to order some copies of your book Visualize: Sticky Learning for our staff and A+ Fellows. Can you send me a link for this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie! I’ll email you this as well, but you can order print/paperback copies of my book “Mapping Media to the Common Core” which includes a chapter on Visual Notetaking directly from CreateSpace:

      Info about ordering the different versions (eBook and print) is on:



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