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Stop RoboCalls with iOS Do Not Disturb (Nov 2018)

This 2.5 minute video tutorial demonstrates how you can change the “Do Not Disturb” settings on an iPhone to block all robocalls / robocallers and send them directly to voicemail. Unfortunately this strategy will send ALL callers who are not in your iOS address book to voicemail, but until something better comes along this can be a helpful strategy for curbing robocalls.

Read “How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list” from the Washington Post on 11 Jan 2018 for more background on how and why robocalls have become such a big problem in 2018.

This video is available for non-members of the Videos by Wes Video Library till 11 November 2018. After that date it will just be available to members. Please join today!

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Sleet Sledding: The Movie (fun with iMovie for iPhone Trailers)

Today is a day of great rejoicing in central Oklahoma: It sleeted overnight and schools are closed. Although it technically isn’t much of a “snow day,” we haven’t had many chances to go sledding the past few years so Rachel and I headed out to seek a winter adventure this morning. I shot some video with my iPhone5, and used the “trailer project” feature of iMovie for iPhone for the first time to create the following winter classic, “Sleet Sledding.” I uploaded this with the free YouTube Capture app in 720p. Enjoy!

The “trailer project” feature of iMovie for iPhone lets you choose a theme and customize it, specifying the types of clips you should insert for each part of the trailer storyboard.

iMovie for iPhone Trailer Project

I really like how it shows you (with a yellow line) which parts of your videos you’ve used already, so you won’t have any repeated footage in your final production.


I initially thought I’d try using a different video editing app, other than iMovie, to piece together some of our videos from today. An iMovie trailer proved to be even better, however, and the final product exceeded my expectations.

I love using Apple’s creative digital tools.

Where’s the “iMovie for Android with movie trailer capabilities,” you ask? I don’t think that app exists yet. Will someone develop it? Maybe. But since they haven’t, why would anyone with a desire to create media (who has the means, of course) use any smartphone other than an iPhone?

Sleet Sledders