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Jun 23

Changing Our Vocabulary as Technology Integration Coaches

This Tuesday afternoon, from 1-3 pm, I’ll be sharing a poster session at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio on the topic, “Changing Our Vocabulary as Technology Integration Coaches.” The basic idea is that non-techy terms are important when we want to win the hearts and minds of parents as well as other teachers in …

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Jun 17

Learning about Visual Notetaking from Giulia Forsythe

In the process of writing and finalizing the chapter on “Visual Notetaking” for my forthcoming eBook, “Mapping Media to the Common Core,” I found Giulia Forsythe‘s blog page “Visual Practice” and her WONDERFUL presentation a year ago for the 2012 University of Mary Washington Faculty Academy. Her presentation slides are available on SlideShare, and the …

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Apr 22

Bulk-Modify YouTube Videos to Turn ON Comment Moderation

YouTube can be used in powerful, transformative ways to support classroom learning, especially when STUDENTS create content shared online. Today, as I helped one of our 7th grade geography teachers wrap up a paper-slide video project in which student-created videos were uploaded to his YouTube channel, we discovered that YouTube now permits “bulk modification” of …

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Apr 20

Paper Slide Video: Your Next (or First) BYOD Technology Integration Project

cross-posted from PlayingWithMedia.com We are hearing more about BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives in many school districts these days, but what kinds of technology integration projects can teachers and students realistically do when some (but not all) students have smartphones and the teacher has one laptop? Today’s smartphone (or the smartphone of four years …

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Feb 21

Sleet Sledding: The Movie (fun with iMovie for iPhone Trailers)

Today is a day of great rejoicing in central Oklahoma: It sleeted overnight and schools are closed. Although it technically isn’t much of a “snow day,” we haven’t had many chances to go sledding the past few years so Rachel and I headed out to seek a winter adventure this morning. I shot some video …

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