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Playing With Media Trailer: Modeling Technology Use as the Superintendent

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Today to kick off our “Playing with Media” professional development day in Yarmouth Schools in Maine, superintendent Judy Paolucci created a 90 second video trailer on her iPad. With assistance from technology integrator Mike Arsenault, Judy learned how to use the latest version of iMovie on Wednesday and interviewed different students to create this movie using the “Video Trailer” iMovie template on Thursday. Well done, Superintendent Paolucci!

More information about the eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” is available. 🙂

Playing with Media in Yarmouth

Be sure to check all ALL the great session resources and links shared by Yarmouth teachers (in grades K-12) on the PD day Google site.

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Sharing PD Day Expectations: Paper Slide Video Style

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This morning in Yarmouth, Maine, Cathy Wolinsky and Mike Arsenault created a 106 second video using “Explain Everything” on an iPad to share expectations and directions for teachers for tomorrow’s district-wide professional development day.

This video was inspired by Paper Slide Videos, but rather than shooting a “one take” video (Common Craft style) they created a narrated slideshow using photos of teacher-drawn art. Contributing artists included Alice Barr, Melissa Noack, and yours truly. Mike and Cathy also contributed drawings. The plan is to share this video tomorrow following my keynote (“Why Play With Media?”) before breakout sessions begin. All the breakouts (except mine) are being led, facilitated, and taught by Yarmouth teachers. You really should check out the Google Site Alice, Mike and Cathy have put together for this district PD day. It’s exemplary. More schools should follow the lead of Yarmouth Schools and offer an “in district conference day” with rich, elective choices for teachers which are teacher-led. Thankfully the hand-drawn art in this video was a collective effort. If we’d used my version of “Nuts and Bolts” (the bottom picture in the image below) I think we’d lose LOTS of credibility with teachers tomorrow at the opening session. Thankfully Melissa Noack (a true artist as well as teacher) was here to save the day with her drawing!

Nuts and Bolts: An Artist and a Wanna Be's Drawings

This was a fun project and will hopefully both model “playing with media” for Yarmouth teachers tomorrow as well as communicate district expectations for this day of learning in a timely way. Learn more about “official” paper-slide videos on Have you used similar video techniques to share messages with teachers and students at your school? If so, please share your links as comments.

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eBooks Sandbox: a space to share free eBook experiments!

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The past few weeks I’ve been teaching students as well as teachers how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks. To provide a “digital sandbox” to share four of the five enhanced eBooks I’ve created with others since January 29th, and to provide an open space where others can share eBooks as well, this weekend I created a new website connected to the domain: “eBooks Sandbox: a space to share free eBook experiments!” This site is available on, and is connected to the “Student Media Examples” site ( as well. Currently the site includes four different enhanced/multimedia eBooks, all available as direct downloads to an iPad from DropBox:

eBooks Sandbox » a space to share free eBook experiments!

The “about” page of the site explains its purpose, goals and scope:

This website is a space to share FREE ebooks. If you, your children, grandchildren, or students create eBooks and you’d like others to check out / download your creation, share it here! All submissions are moderated / reviewed before they are posted publicly. As the submitter, you are responsible to verify your local copyright laws have been followed during the creation of the eBook you’re sharing. The POSTING POLICY for “Student Media Examples” applies here as well. Use the provided CONTRIBUTE form to share an eBook. Provide a direct download link to your eBook on your own website or in your public folder using Dropbox or (More information about this process is available.)

I created this “contribute” form using the free TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin. Please:

  • spread the word about this site
  • use the FREE ebooks linked on it to help educate others about the possibilities and power of eBooks
  • contribute links to eBooks you make or facilitate others to create
  • make suggestions about how this site could become more useful, including new/different eBook categories which could be included

Have you created an enhanced / multimedia eBook yet? How about a “standard” (text/images only) eBook? If not, it’s time to jump on the eBook bandwagon. Multimedia publishing is only going to get easier and more powerful in the months ahead. As educators, it’s incumbent upon us to be “the experts’ when it comes to eBooks and digital learning tools!

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