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17 Embedded Videos and Screencasts in Playing with Media EPUB eBook

One of the coolest things about the EPUB eBook format is its ability to include “embedded” videos within the eBook which are playable directly. It is NOT necessary to have a “live” Internet connection to view these. They do not stream. The videos play as part of the eBook. Together with images and hyperlinks, I think embedded videos truly make EPUB eBooks “21st century digital books!”

Text by Rachel Fryer

I’ve included seventeen (17) different videos and screencasts in my forthcoming eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing.” These are all screencasts I’ve recorded in the past two years. The “enhanced” EPUB version of the book I’ll be selling for $9.99 on the iTunes bookstore will include these videos with the eBook, but the Kindle and other eBook versions will not since all eReaders don’t support playback of embedded videos. These are the 17 videos included in the book, listed by chapter. I’m SO excited to be able to include videos in this eBook!

Chapter 2 – Digital Text

Fryer, W. (2011). Set up a Moderated Class Blog on Posterous.

Chapter 3 – Audio

Fryer, R. (2009, July 14). USS Arizona Impressions (AudioBoo by 5 year old Rachel).

How to record a phone interview as a phonecast using

Fryer, W. (2010, December 8). How I use a mobile audio recorder and free software (Switch and Podcast Generator) to publish audio lecturecasts.

Chapter 5 – Images

Fryer, W. (2011, February 2). How to find and use Creative Commons images in blog posts.

Fryer, S. (2010, March 24). A VoiceThread about Helen Keller.

Fryer, W. (2011, January 28). How to create a new educator account on‏.

Fryer, W. (2010, January 28). Part 1 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (images).

Fryer, W. (2010, January 28). Part 2 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (comments)‏.

Fryer, W. (2010, January 28). Part 3 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (sharing).

Chapter 6 – Video

Fryer, S., & Fryer, R. (2011, March 15). The beach (a narrated slideshow created with SonicPics).

Fryer, W. (2010, November 13). Using StoryKit, Storyrobe and Sonic Pics on an iOS Device‏.

Fryer, R. (2010, November 3). The Importance of Art Class at School and Creativity.

Hokansen, K., & Fryer, W. (2011, June 28). Copyright Advice for Teachers from Kristin Hokansen.

Fryer, W. (2011, January 5). How to turn on YouTube video comment moderation.

Fryer, W. (2011, January 14). MySpace Suicide Prevention.

Chapter 7 – Show and Tell

Fryer, W. (2010, April 10). How to automatically publish blog posts to a Facebook page‏.

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